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Let me honestly confess: I am not a serious thinker, rather I dream wild. I believe that thinking operates in a limited sphere. It is said that conscious mind compromises; it gives up soon. Probably for these reasons rational and realistic people cannot do something spectacular. They may be worldly-wise, but may not do justice to their abilities. They are not aware of the propelling power of an unfilled dream. Dreams by definition are not related to the ground realities. As a dreamer, one is constantly on the move; in the world of surrealism, one is neither worldly nor wise. I may not have achieved much in tangible terms; but I love chasing the dreams as they are beautiful and unlimited. For espousing the cause of Orissan art forms, probably my plans and efforts were painted on a huge canvas and many thought I was crazy. But thankfully, today there are so many to share my vision, dreamscape, strive to shape them into reality. The seeds sown, tilled, watered and manured in my dreamscape have sprouted into healthy saplings. If nourished and nurtured, soon there will be efflorescence all around. And of course, fruition of my dreams is not far off. Tomorrow, when this old bloke is dead and gone, there will be thousands of Gangadhar Pradhans to dream for preserving and propagating the Orissan art all over the globe. My soul will shed tears of joy from above, and remain indebted to Lord Jagannath for giving courage to dream.

- Padmashree Guru Gangadhar Pradhan.

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